Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome Fall...I've Missed You So MUCH!!! favorite time of year...although, I'm pretty partial to Winter too!  And since we live in the Midwest, we get all four seasons!  I noticed as I was driving home from work the other day, that the leaves are definitely starting to's been cooler at night...and I've finally been able to turn off the air conditioner...what a relief to my wallet that is!

I pulled out my fall decorations last weekend and have started lighting my cinnamon scented candles...I could seriously have this season and type of weather all year long!

What's your favorite season???


Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome to my new Blog...and....My Crafty Glitter Brain!!!

So glad you stopped by!I'm still learning all there is to know about blogging, but my son is a very good teacher!!! I did figure out on my own, how you can “connect with me”...just click my icons to go to my Etsy shop, my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!!! Speaking of Instagram, I am now hooked...just figured out over the weekend, everything I can see and do on there!!!

This is where I create...kind of a mess, I know!!!  Our condo is very small, and only has two bedrooms.  My grandson has his little toddler bed in the guest that doesn't leave much room in there for crafting.  I have a card table set up in there where I "try" to make my jewelry.  Basically, every inch is covered, even the floor...with beads!

So the picture above is from my dining room table...once Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around, I have to find places for all the stuff that's covering my work area...sigh!

Without further ado...below is some finished product that gets created above!!! I think my favorite are my Putz inspired houses...they bring back so many memories of when my mom would decorate for the holidays!

I love what I do...I just wish I could do it full time!  My boyfriend, Glenn, was just complaining the other day, that there is glitter everywhere!!!

I do want to welcome you to my blog...and please stop by my Etsy  If you have any questions, feel free to ask...oh, and I love comments!!!