Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome to my new Blog...and....My Crafty Glitter Brain!!!

So glad you stopped by!I'm still learning all there is to know about blogging, but my son is a very good teacher!!! I did figure out on my own, how you can “connect with me”...just click my icons to go to my Etsy shop, my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!!! Speaking of Instagram, I am now hooked...just figured out over the weekend, everything I can see and do on there!!!

This is where I create...kind of a mess, I know!!!  Our condo is very small, and only has two bedrooms.  My grandson has his little toddler bed in the guest that doesn't leave much room in there for crafting.  I have a card table set up in there where I "try" to make my jewelry.  Basically, every inch is covered, even the floor...with beads!

So the picture above is from my dining room table...once Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around, I have to find places for all the stuff that's covering my work area...sigh!

Without further ado...below is some finished product that gets created above!!! I think my favorite are my Putz inspired houses...they bring back so many memories of when my mom would decorate for the holidays!

I love what I do...I just wish I could do it full time!  My boyfriend, Glenn, was just complaining the other day, that there is glitter everywhere!!!

I do want to welcome you to my blog...and please stop by my Etsy  If you have any questions, feel free to ask...oh, and I love comments!!!


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