Friday, February 26, 2016

New Bracelets

Ahhhh....making jewelry is so relaxing...unless you have a super sized cut on your thumb and pushing on wire and beads is literally IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

I was cutting an onion on Sunday...and sliced right through my left thumb...needless to say, it makes it almost impossible to bend wire and bead! Here's a picture of my work table...I was trying to wire wrap that top bar of the the buckle necklace is front....not happening until I can get the cut healed just a little more...very frustrating!!!

I do love how it turned out before hand tho...I just don't like how the cross charms slide around...which is why I'm going to try the wire wrapping!  Stay tuned!

Here are some bracelets that I was able to finish last night...coming soon to the shop!

There's a hint of spring in the air here in Wisconsin...should be in the 50's on Saturday...YAY!!!  I'm thinking it's time to convert the closet in our spare room into my craft area...we'll see if THAT happens!!

Stay safe everyone!


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