Friday, November 11, 2016

New Glass Shaker Snowmen!!!

So I was going through all my boxes of craft supplies and I came across a box that I'd been keeping my shaker bottles to make my snowmen.  Oh Lord...I didn't realize just how many I had...and yet, I keep buying more when I see a really cool shaped one...I add it to my supply.  So, I pulled out a bunch of the bottles, made the heads and started decorating.  Here's my little group of snowmen that are almost done and will be heading to my Etsy shop soon!!!

I really enjoy making these little guys and gals...each one has it's own personality. The only bad (not really "bad") thing is that there is literally glitter everywhere in my dining room!!! And with Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, I need to start cleaning off the table so that we can actually eat dinner there!!!

So stop by my will be taken this weekend and then added to the rest of the jolly snowmen!!!

Happy Snow!


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