Thursday, July 13, 2017

Simply the available on!!!

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately...been trying to get things loaded in my shop and also get things situated for my move to Colorado. Hopefully, everything will come together and the move will happen in February of 2018...the countdown is on and it's only 7 months away!!!  I'm so son and I are going out there in November to look for a house...and want to close sometime in January!

Now on to some news from the shop!!!  Right now I'm selling on Etsy ( and Gypsy Spoonful (  But some things are now available on Artyah ( Trying to find different venues to sell we'll see how this one works out!!

Here are a few new items that I've created:

I'm trying to get as much product uploaded as I can, because packing up all my supplies is going to happen around Christmas time!!! 

More details to come on my move!!!  Colorado is beautiful and I'm so in love with the mountains!!!



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